A typical Brittany moment.

Brittany Taylor or Brittt is a student and cheerleader at Lawndale High. She is the on again off again girlfriend of Kevin Thompson. The stereotypical rich "popular" cheerleader, Brittany is the second-dumbest kid at Lawndale (the first being her boyfriend). She has more than her share of moments of gullibility and is easily distracted, but occasionally shows idiot-savant moments, like when planning a complex and successful paintball tactic. Brittany is never mean on purpose, but does show hidden feelings of naive self-respect, mostly towards Kevin. She usually imagines her future self as leaving him and becoming amazingly successful. As the series progresses, she starts to becomes friends with Daria and Jane, usually going to them for advice. After graduating, her unfaithful relationship with Kevin became in jeopardy. It is unknown if they broke up or not.

Voiced by: Janie Mertz