Camp Fear is the fourth episode of Season 5 of Daria and the fifty-sixth episode of the series overall. It originally aired on MTV on March 12, 2001.


Daria and Quinn attend a reunion at their old summer camp, Camp Grizzly. Quinn looks forward to reconnecting with old acquaintances, but Daria has nothing but bad memories of the place and her fellow campers.

Meanwhile, Trent is thinking of breaking up Mystik Spiral because the band is "getting stale," but is inspired to keep it going after he and Jane visit a nearby rustic couple's home.


In the Morgendorffer home, Jake is seen using salad tongs and a flashlight to look for something that fell down the drain. Jake proceeds to curse the salad tongs. Daria walks behind him and asks if his wristwatch made a break for it again. Jake tells her that his watch slipped off the counter without any provocation. Jake turns to Daria and tells her she has small hands and asks if she can help. Daria responds that because of her big brain, she knows not to stick her hands in garbage disposals.

Jake questions why they put garbage disposals in the middle of sinks anyways. He pulls his hand away and yelps in pain.

Quinn comes in holding a letter and tells Jake that Camp Grizzly, the camp she and Daria attended as kids is having a fifth-year reunion. Helen enters with another invitation for Daria, telling her that she got a letter too. Helen also tells Jake he got another John Wayne collectible coin.

Daria opens her invitation, saying the reunion is next weekend and she already promised Prince Charming she'd go to the ball. Quinn says she's going, saying she can't wait to see the friends she made when she was younger, before high school. Helen questions Daria on reliving her old camp memories and Daria says she does not want to return to the place where she was known as "The Weird Kid."

Helen tells Daria that she can't make her go and that she can stay home and help clean the garage. Jake questions cleaning out the garage and Helen tells him they are now. Jake questions what happened to the weekend at the Country Inn. Helen reminds him that she has to work on Saturday and therefore, the Inn is out.

Jake's new coin slips into the drain and Jake curses this. Daria tells Quinn that she has small hands, implying she can help Jake retrieve his watch and coin.

At the Lane household, Mystik Spiral is set up to practice in the basement. Trent and Nick hold guitars, Max is behind his drums, and Jesse is seated on a cushion holding a sitar. Max says he does not want to play that thing. Jesse tells him it's not a thing, it's a sitar. He goes on to say it's spiritual, and chicks love that crap.Max tells him they are Spiral, not Spirtual and that they are hardcore. Nick questions if they are doing a gig at a church. Jesse tells them they have to experiment, otherwise they'll get stale. Max asks Trent what he thinks and Trent says that he doesn't know. Max says the Spiral rocks on it's own. Max, Jesse, and Nick continue to argue as Trent walks away.

In Jane's room, Jane and Daria watch Sick, Sad World. Jane tries to tell Daria camp is not so bad. Jane points out that at at least she didn't have to live on a commune with her parents' friends during summers. Daria counters that Jane's parents' friends didn't make her walk a mile in a burlap sack. Jane tells Daria her camp counselors never made her walk a mile in a burlap sack. Daria tells her that Skip Stevens the self-proclaimed Big-Man-On-Camp never made her sing the Camp Gizzly song.

Jane says that she was going to mention compost, but knows when she is beat. Jane questions if he woke up at four and couldn't get back to sleep. Trent enters Jane's room. He tells Daria and Jane that he believes Spiral is past their prime. Jane retorts that they are supposed to hit their prime before they pass it. Jane tells him he should think before giving away his primary means of unemployment. Trent concludes that he needs to get away and think.

Jane suggests that she and Trent give Daria a ride to the reunion. Daria replies there is just one catch.

Later, Jane, Daria, Quinn, and Trent are driving in "The Tank." Daria and Jane are sitting in the back and Quinn is sitting in the front seat, with Trent driving. Quinn points out how dirty the sheep are. Quinn goes on to say she is only buying imported sweaters from now on and that there probably isn't an outlet store in a hundred miles and the people living in the area are beyond help.

Daria says she was just thinking the same thing. Trent says he believes Mystick Spiral has lost their inspiration and he always said he would get out of music before he became a cliché. Jane says she can't remember him ever saying that. Trent replies that it was not his words, it was in his solos.

The Tank turns off at a road sign for Camp Grizzly and Quinn tells them to stop, as she has to get out. Daria questions if she could not have told them that two hours ago. Quinn continues to walk down the driveway while the tank drives. Quinn recognizes and greets three girls who look excited to see her. Their names are revealed to be Cindy, Tracy, and Tatiana. She asks them if she can have a ride home. Daria says it is exactly like she remembered.

There is a transition to a flashback. A younger Daria, Helen, and Jake step out from a blue sedan in the same place The Tank parked in present-day. Helen takes away Daria's book saying that she won't make friends with her nose buried in a book. Helen questions where Quinn is and a younger Quinn is shown to be hiding in the backseat. Younger Quinn expresses a reluctance toward going to camp. She notices a girl has the same backpack as her. She runs over to a younger Tatiana, Cindy, and Tracy.

They question her on who Daria is. Quinn almost says Daria is her sister but catches herself, calling Daria her distant cousin instead. Daria is seen rolling her eyes and looking unhappy.

There is a transition back to the present. Daria tells Jane the story of how she became known as Quinn's distant cousin. Jane says this is where it all began. They are approached by Amelia. Daria retorts that she is a decoy to flush out assassins. Amelia expresses gratitude for Daria being there, otherwise, she'd have no one to talk to. Amelia asks Daria what's new and Jane says she didn't know Daria had a fan club.

Jane questions Daria saying that when they met Daria told her she was an outcast who nobody liked and asks if their whole life together has been a lie. Daria frowns at this. They are approached by Skip Stevens who starts handing out Camp Grizzly shirts. Amelia points to Trent and Jane and says they did not attend Camp Grizzly. Skip takes their shirts back mistakenly believing they are from Camp Grizzly's rival camp, Camp Puma. Jane and Trent say that they better get going as Skip leads the Camp Grizzly chant.

At the Morgendorffer home, Jake and Helen go through the garage. Jake is seen wearing SCUBA gear. He pulls away the mouthpiece laughing. Jake tells Helen he forgot that they had all this stuff and that it's been ages since they went SCUBA diving and that he can't remember it. Helen says memory is a funny thing. Jake asks her what was that, and Helen says she can't recall with a nervous laugh.

Jake says he was going to the diving school to get certified and there was chlorine poisoning. He remembers Helen couldn't come on the trip to the Caribbean because of a merger and they had to postpone the trip. Helen admits that's right and Jake says they never did reschedule the trip. Helen nervously questions this and then changes the subject by pointing out a scooter.

Jane and Trent are seen at the General Store. Earl, the man behind the counter asks them if that will be all as he helps them check out. He asks if he can tempt them with cookies he and his wife made. Jane remarks at two bucks a piece, there must be gold in that icing. Earl tells her that it's what you put into the cookies that counts. Jane says she gets what Earl is saying, he has Echolalia. Trent says the cookie is valuable because part of Earl went into making them. Earl says that is correct.

Trent says that is something to think about. Earl tells Jane and Trent that he and his wife are trying to come up with the perfect potato chip and offers them to Trent and Jane. Jane says not really and Trent says yes. Jane glares at Trent.

At camp, Mr. Potts and Skip are on the porch of a camp building and the reunion attendees gather around. They tell the attendees that before they begin their hike that they are happy to see them. They say that when these former campers have kids of their own they can also say that they are proud to be Grizzlies as well. This receives a weak laugh from the audience. Skip asks if everyone is ready for the hike to which Daria responds she wishes that Skip would be the one to take a hike. Amelia laughs and tells Daria she's funny.

Amelia questions where Daria's camp shirt is, and Daria replies that she's not wearing it. Amelia says that she better join the others. Daria tells her she doesn't want to scare others with her limp and tells Amelia to go ahead. Amelia wonders if the others would mind if she stayed behind as well. Daria tells her that she can do whatever she wants, as she is no longer a camper and just visiting.

Amelia decides to stay behind after all and joins Daria at a picnic table. Amelia says this reminds her of the time Daria boycotted the End-of-Summer campfire. Daria tells her that the reality was that she wasn't invited. Amelia reminds Daria about the time she took of on her horse and left the rest of the campers behind. Daria reminds her she fell off the horse and had to get nine stitches.

In a flashback, young Daria, Amelia, and Skip are seen at the end of the dock in swimwear. Mr. Potts looks on at them. Mr. Potts says they have greased the watermelon with extra Vaseline this time. Skip says the other team is dead meat. Mr. Potts tells him to take it easy. Mr. Potts explains that whoever brings the watermelon to shore first gets to eat it. Skip says their team will kick the other team's butts.

The campers line up on the edge of the dock and everybody except Daria jumps in the water. Skip pulls her in the water, calling her a slacker and sending her glasses flying.

There is a transition to Quinn, Tatiana, Tracy and Cindy hiking with the other attendees. Tracy says she can't believe they are making them do this and they never had to go hiking as campers. Quinn reminds her they did have hikes, they just didn't go. Quinn says this reminds her of that watermelon game.

In a flashback, Skip tells a younger Tatiana, Tracy, Cindy, and Quinn that they are supposed to be chasing the greasy watermelon. Tracy tells him they don't do greasy and walks away. Tracy calls him a geek. Quinn asks who will bring them the watermelon today and three boys named Billy, Bobby, and Benjy run out carrying it. The boys begin fighting over the melon and the scene transitions back to the present.

Present-day Quinn says she loved that game.

At the Morgendorffers', Jake holds up a hiking backpack and says they never went on the hiking trip. He angrily brings up other vacations they couldn't go on because of Helen working. Helen asks him to forgive her if she can't always get away and Jake tells her the key word is never as he gestures around the garage. The skis topple over and Jake curses them.

There is then an exterior view of the country house with The Tank parked beside it. Inside the house Earl, Trent, and Jane are seated at a table. Barbra, Earl's wife, brings over sandwiches. Earl tells Trent and Jane he told them his wife could cook. Barbra says there is no shame in simple food if it's good. Jane takes a bite of the sandwich. Barbara asks if they would want to have another sandwich after their potato chip taste test. Jane removes the plastic wrapper from her mouth and says that depends on if they'll remove the cheese wrapper first next time.

When they are gone, Jane asks Trent why he agreed to try their potato chips. Trent responds it's because the couple is full of country wisdom and he thinks they can give him advice about the band. Jane responds that Trent and his band-mates need a break from each other. Jesse gets on Nick's nerves, Nick gets on Max's nerves, you get on Jesse's nerves. Trent tells her that's crazy talk and and how could he ever get on anyone's nerves.

Back at Camp Grizzly, Skip is grilling burgers for a barbecue and the campers are seated at picnic tables or lined up to get their burgers. Daria and Amelia walk to the other side of the grill holding plates with hamburger buns. Daria takes a burger and puts it on her burger bun. Skip demands to know what she's doing and Daria retorts that she is hunting for her meal. Skip tells her nobody can take a burger unless he says so and that he has a perfect system. He takes Daria's burger back with the spatula and places it on the grill telling her she can have it when it's ready.

As they walk away, Amelia asks Daria if she's worried about making Skip mad. Daria asks what does she care. Amelia says Skip is the boss of camp. Daria responds that he is just a self-appointed dictator of a non-existent empire. Daria explains what's infuriating is that these artificial societies are made for these petty tyrants. Amelia questions what Daria means by artificial societies. Daria elaborates that she means places like camp, school, and life. Daria explains that half of these people don't like Skip, they just don't want to challenge him and risk alienation. So, they follow the heard and end up leading lives of quiet desperation.

Daria takes out her book and starts reading it. Amelia says at least they are not following the crowd and asks Daria if she heard what she said. Daria then points out Amelia has been following her all day. Daria says that she does not want to be part of a crowd, and she does not want to hqave her own crowd either. She advises Amelia to leave her alone and practice being an individual. Amelia gets upset, saying that she thought Daria was her friend, but Daria does not like anybody.

Skip is seen on the porch with a microphone. He announces the anthem and a few voices join in singing.

At Earl and Barbara's, Trent tries the chips with a blindfold on. It is revealed the chips have no flavor or taste to them. Barbara reveals that the chips have no flavor so that they don't fight the dip. Trent is confused by this and Jane tells him it's simple backwoods junk food, which has nothing to do with music. Earl then asks if they would like to try there home bottled water and fills a water bottle from the tap.

At the Morgendorffers', Jake suggests that he wait in a rest home for Helen to retire so that she has time to spend with him. Jake kicks a box and picks up a black negligee with a blue ribbon. Helen tells him to put it down, saying it's not his size. He asks what pre-paid vacation this was going to be for and Helen reveals that it was supposed to be a surprise. Helen tells him she still has some romance left in her and Jake tells her she's beautiful when she's angry. Helen asks Jake if he means it as she caresses his arm and pulls the keys from his pocket. She pushes the garage door opener and closes it. Objects crash to the ground and Jake once again curses the skis.

Quinn, Tracy, Tatiana, and Cindy sit at a picnic table. Tracy recalls a story where she refused to wear an unflattering life vest on a boat. The girls all laugh at this. Cindy reminds them about the square dance. Quinn tells them she ditched the dance to go down to the beach with Alex Kroger. Quinn says it's too bad he didn't make the reunion. Tracy says he was her date for the dance and she waited for him all night. Quinn looks embarrassed by this. She tries to remind the girls about the keychains they made in arts and crafts. Tracy tosses fifty cents to Quinn and tells her she can get a ride with Alex before she and the other girls leave.

Skip is seen on the porch with Mr. Potts. Skip says that before he shares his favorite camp memories they should applaud for Mr. Potts. This is followed by some clapping. Skip thanks his color war teammates saying that in all seven years as a Grizzly he has never lost a war. Daria is seen sitting at the table with a dejected Amelia and says maybe she underestimated Skip.

Amelia goes up to Skip and tells him that she wants to say something. She tells him that he's always talking and never gives anyone else a turn. There are scattered calls from the audience supporting Amelia. Amelia explains that ever since she started coming to camp she listened to Skip even when she didn't want to or thought it was stupid. Skip interjects telling her that's enough.

Amelia says that the one good thing about coming to camp was reuniting with someone special, a role model, and an inspiration. Daria asks Amelia not to say her name. Amelia says Daria Morgendorffer may be unpleasant, antisocial, and says whatever's on her mind without any regard for other's feelings. However, at least she thinks for herself and marches to her own drummer.

Amelia concludes that she is going to start thinking for herself and she doesn't care if she has no friends like Daria. She adds that she never wants to see the campground again, causing the attendees to cheer. Skip tells her she can't just rag on Camp Grizzly. He then tells her to hang out with her loser friend, Daria.

Amelia takes off her Camp Grizzly shirt and throws both it and the microphone at Skip. This prompts everyone else to also throw back their Camp Grizzly shirts at Skip. Skip tells Mr. Potts to make it stop, as the attendees are defiling the Grizzly name. Mr. Potts tells him that he takes camp way to seriously as it's just a place parents drop their kids off for a few weeks to get them out of their hair. He advises Skip not to make camp his whole life. Skip whimpers that he just wants to go home.

Amelia tells Daria that's she's glad she liked her speech. Daria says it takes more than words to hurt her, unless they happen to be truthful words strung together in extremely observant sentences. An unnamed girl walks up to them and thanks Amelia for telling off Skip. She turns to Daria and says she never knew she was such an inspiration. Jane and Trent enter and the girl says she will see them around. Jane says Daria was a camp darling and didn't tell them. Daria protests that she was never popular. Daria screams when Jane asks if she can try on her Camp Grizzly sash.

Trent says at least the trip wasn't a total loss. On the ride home, Jane tells Daria the story of the elderly couple. Daria says she hopes Trent wasn't bummed out about the whole thing, and Trent writes a song about the experience with Jane and Daria giving suggestions. Trent says Mystic Spiral got their inspiration back. Jane says they might have forgotten something and Daria says Quinn got a ride from a friend

Quinn is shown riding with Skip, who is ranting about Amelia's speech. Quinn asks him to be quiet for a while, looking like she'd rather be somewhere else.



  • This episode reveals the origin story of when Quinn started referring to Daria as her 'cousin' when around other people.
  • Quinn's camp friends are named Tracy, Cindy, and Tatiana.
  • Jake was certified in SCUBA diving.


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