Couples Therapy Night is a regular event for Helen and Jake Morgendorffer and some of their adult friends, including the Gupty family.


It turns up in Pinch Sitter: Daria and Quinn are told that this time it's "focus on teens night" and Helen expects them to be there, forcing Daria to take a babysitting job to get out of it. Jake doesn't like it and complains the other couples are "such a bunch of wimps" and "always so freaking sensitive." Later, Mrs. Gupty happily says Jake cried tonight: "we had a breakthrough." The Morgendorffers seem to have been attending the meetings since they arrived in Lawndale.

Despite it being a regular thing, it never appears in an episode again.


"We are a small group that meets twice monthly to open up lines of communication between spouses, reflect on the concept of commitment, and compare recriminations. We are looking for one more couple to replace the Guptys, who now claim to be blissfully in love. Who are THEY kidding? Please note: husbands must show up."

  • Helen and Jake's Broodbeat calender announces "Therapy Accusathon-October 30."
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