Jane Lane
Jane Lane by Namelessv1
Birth Date May 19, 1982
Occupation Student

Cover Artist

Portrayed by Wendy Hoopes
First Episode Esteemsters
Last Episode Is It College Yet?
Other Appearances None
Episode Count 65
Parents Vincent Lane (Father)

Amanda Lane (Mother)

Siblings Trent Lane (Brother)

Penny Lane (Sister)

Wind Lane (Brother)

Summer Lane (Sister)

Spouse None
Romances Alison


Thomas Sloane


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Jane Lane is the best friend of Daria and the youngest child of the Lane Family. She an aspiring and gifted artist. She is voiced by Wendy Hoopes. Her birthday is March, 10.


Jane, like Daria, is cynical, smart, and sarcastic, although she's more open-minded and well-adjusted. She serves as a more outgoing and likable counterpart to Daria's closed-off, combative worldview. Though she can also be sarcastic, she truly does care about Daria and does treasure their friendship.

She has a cordial but distant relationship with her absentee family, although she prefers them to be somewhere else. The sole exception is her older brother, Trent Lane, with whom she is very close. Unlike the rest of the family, Trent usually stays in the house with Jane and offers the most support.

She also has no problem fitting in when she tries, such as she decided to join the track team in "See Jane Run," to put down the coach. Ultimately, it was revealed that she did this to actually get out of going to gym class, though she realized that she was accepting the double standard for athletes and left the track team. She is also an individualist.


Jane and Daria being silly

Physical Appearance Edit

Jane has a fairly punk look, and unlike Daria, she wears make-up, but in a punkish style with dark lipstick. She has short, black hair, several ear-piercings, and wears a red jacket, black v-top with a white collar, black shorts and leggings, and black boots. Her appearance is usually more accepted than Daria's but still considered unfashionable and unattractive.



The Lanes

Jane Lane

Jane Lane

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