Student at Lawndale High. One of the "Triple J's" that follows Quinn around.

Background Edit

Joey is recognizable amoung the Three J's due to his black hair. He is part of the football team.

Joey has a small entry in The Daria Diaries.

In "Fair Enough", DeMartino refers to Joey as using dyslexia as an excuse for bad schoolwork; whether he's genuinely dyslexic wasn't stated.

Joey's surname was never mentioned on the books nor on the show. A fanfiction surname is "Black", playing on Jamie White's canon surname.

Relationships Edit


Joey, Jamie, & Jeffy talking to Quinn

Quinn Morgendorffer- Quinn is Joey's ultimate crush; he & the Three J's follow her around like sheep. He is willing to do practically anything for Quinn, & the two even date at one point; in "One J at a Time", Quinn "goes steady" with Joey - but only after trying Jamie first. Joey doesn't seem to mind this, & continues to try to woo her.


Joey, Jeffy, & Jamie sitting on the couch at a party

Jeffy & Jamie- The three boys are known as the Three J's. All the boys are on the football team, & they fight for Quinn's love as well as tease each other near constantly.

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