Lisa Kathleen Collins (born Lisa Collins), also known by her stage name Janie Mertz, is an former actress known for voicing the characters Brittany Taylor, Sandi Griffin, and Andrea in Daria.

Life & Career[edit | edit source]

Collins started out as an actress in the mid 1990's, having bit parts in single episodes of Spin City, Night Falls on Manhattan, Celebrity Deathmatch, and Cartoon Sushi.

Before being hired for Daria, she had a single voice role and worked as an uncredited production assistant for the movie Beavis and Butt-head Do America!

Collins eventually landed the role of three recurring characters on Daria: Brittany Taylor, Sandi Griffin, and Andrea. She voiced these roles throughout the show's entire five year run. She was initially credited by her actual name during the first ten episodes of Season 1, the video game Daria's Inferno, and the series finale Is It College Yet?. For all other times she voiced characters on the show, she was credited under the name Janie Mertz.

She changed her name sometime after retiring as an actress, likely to avoid confusion with another actress named Lisa Collins.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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