Ms. Morris is a physical-education teacher at Lawndale High, as well as the track team coach and (it appears) the cheerleading coach.


She's been at Lawndale High for over a decade, and taught Penny Lane and Summer Lane before her. She has contempt for both girls and the Lane's in general, and deliberately targeted Penny when she was teaching her: "I taught her a thing or two about the American competitive spirit." which prompted Jane to reply "You sure did. That's why she's spent the last ten years out of the country."

Morris is openly corrupt, turning physical-education class into covert cheerleading practice and fudging grades for athletes. Prior to the start of the series, she had taught Jane's sisters and viewed the whole family as shiftless slackers, inspiring Jane to join the track team. When the girl turned out to be good, Morris immediately started backing her and doing her favours. When Jane quit, Morris tried to blackmail her into rejoining the team by threatening to deliberately flunk her in Math, though she was forced to back off when Jane threatened to reveal it to the media. (Morris had already stated both Angela Li and the PTA were aware of the threat)

A typical class, from "The Daria Database"

"Database" has a photo of a typical lesson: the entire class are half-dead on the floor, and Morris is walking past them with a satisfied expression. A photo of the Lawndale High staff room has her blowing her whistle to try and break up Janet Barch's beating of Anthony DeMartino.

She would later join the school's union strike, and went on to watch Charles Ruttheimer III seemingly dying at his magic act with amusement.

Morris also appears in Daria's Inferno where she offers her whistle, to keep the football players and cheerleaders at bay in Lawndale High.

Episode Appearances

Morris appears in the episode See Jane Run and has two photos in "The Daria Database" and non-speaking appearances in Lucky Strike and Life in the Past Lane.

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