Quinn Morgendorffer
Birth Date
Occupation Student

Hostess (Is It Fall Yet?)

Portrayed by Wendy Hoopes
First Episode "Esteemsters" (Daria, 1997)
Last Episode Is It College Yet? (Daria, 2002)
Other Appearances
Episode Count 65
Parents Jake Morgendorffer

Helen Morgendorffer

Siblings Daria Morgendorffer
Spouse NONE
Children {{{children}}}
Quinn Morgendorffer is Daria's shallow, vain, materialistic, cute and beautiful younger sister, though she clearly grows and develops as the series progresses.

She is thin, tall and has long red hair. For half of the series's run, she is seen wearing a pink midriff with a smiley face; during the other portion, she wears a pink long sleeve shirt with a butterfly graphic (a little bit exposеd her belly). Throughout the season, Quinn wears blue bell bottoms. She is the vice president of the Fashion Club and is well liked among peers.

Unlike Daria, she values popularity and her appearance. Because she is afraid that others may see her in a light similar to the one they see Daria in, she claims she is an only child and denies the fact that she and Daria are sisters. Despite her cuteness and beauty, Quinn is very shallow and materialistic and she offers her time spent with Daria as a service to her parents in exchange for money. She is also quite airheaded because deep down she's afraid of being labeled as a "brain". For these reasons, she gives little regard to academic pursuits.

She begins to grow and mature in the last season. She becomes more sensible and slightly more caring to her older sister. On the episode of Lucky Strike, she even admitted to her class and to the Fashion Club that Daria is her sister and no longer her cousin.