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These are all the Season 2 episodes of Daria.


Daria Morgendorffer continues to deal with high school, as she goes through the second semester of her sophomore year at Lawndale High.



Season 2[]

Title Original Airdate
1. Arts 'N Crass February 16, 1998
Daria and Jane create an iconoclastic poster for a contest depicting a teenage girl who secretly has an eating disorder, but Ms. Li and Mr. O'Neill keep urging Daria and Jane to change the artwork into something more positive, leading Daria and Jane to commit vandalism in order to save their work. Meanwhile, Jake loses his job as a consultant after a failed project and is desperate to find a new client.
2. The Daria Hunter February 23, 1998
Lawndale High goes on another field trip, this time to a local paintball course, with Helen and Jake as parental chaperones. Everybody's true savage natures are revealed on this trip, from Ms. Li and Helen arguing about Daria's attitude to Sandi thinking Quinn is out to steal her role as head of the Fashion Club. Meanwhile, Daria and Jane ditch the paintball trip to go to a museum dedicated to a great white shark and run by a deranged woman whose story about how she tangled with the shark feels awfully familiar.
3. Quinn the Brain March 2, 1998
Quinn needs a quick passing grade in English and ends up writing an impressive essay (by Lawndale standards, that is), but fears that it might give her a reputation as a nerd. Instead, it gives her a new following as a trendy intellectual, something that true intellectual Daria can't stand, especially since she knows the true Quinn. Since desperate times call for desperate measures, Daria is willing to consider extreme measures in order to persuade her sister to give up this façade.
4. I Don't March 9, 1998
Daria and Quinn are ordered to be bridesmaids in their cousin Erin's wedding, where Daria finds Aunt Amy, younger sister of Helen and a kindred spirit.
5. That Was Then, This Is Dumb March 16, 1998
Helen and Jake's old hippie friends Willow and Coyote Yeager visit, causing them to doubt their own value system. Daria and Quinn stick around to use their protest activities against them (and so Quinn can flirt with their son), until Jane invites Daria to help Trent and Jesse sell their parents' old records at a flea market.
6. Monster March 23, 1998
Daria and Jane follow Quinn around for a day, for a school video project and the irresistible opportunity to expose her shallow personality. Meanwhile, Jake transfers his old childhood films to video and gets hung up on a clip of himself as a child falling off a bike with no one to help him up.
7. The New Kid March 29, 1998
While working on the yearbook staff, Daria meets new student Ted, a sheltered, formerly home-schooled teen with a combination of arcane knowledge and extreme naïveté whose proposed changes to the year book don't go over well with everyone.
8. Gifted June 29, 1998
Daria and Jodie are invited to tour an elite school for gifted students. Meanwhile, Quinn stays over with her friends—until they all kick her out and Quinn ends up with Jane.
9. Ill July 6, 1998
The recurrence of a mysterious rash lands Daria in the hospital, but her reluctance to inform people of why she's there leads to some outlandish rumors at school.
10. Fair Enough July 13, 1998
Ms. Li organizes a Renaissance-Fair fundraiser to repair the library roof (as the money saved up for it was spent on a polygraph machine by Ms. Li), and requires students to either participate or purchase a ticket. During the fair, Jake gets harassed by a surly teenager, Daria and Jane ride a Ferris wheel with a sobbing Stacy, Brittany keeps Kevin from participating in the play by driving far away from the school, and the Three J's try their hand at jousting with Mr. DeMartino, the Black Knight.
11. See Jane Run July 20, 1998
Jane joins the track team, leaving Daria so alone that she begins talking to herself. Meanwhile, Quinn struggles with wearing painful high heels that make her legs look good.
12. Pierce Me July 27, 1998
While helping Trent pick out a birthday present for Jane, Daria is talked into getting her navel pierced. Meanwhile, Helen and Quinn prepare for a mother-daughter fashion show being held at the school.
13. Write Where It Hurts August 3, 1998
Daria finds her special school assignment, writing a short story featuring people she knows, unusually and frustratingly difficult; meanwhile, her parents are both going through midlife crises.