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These are all the Season 3 episodes of Daria.


As Daria begins her junior year at Lawndale High, she begins to face even more strange occurrences such as a singing town, anthropomorphized teen holidays, and Jane's new boyfriend Tom Sloane.



Title Original Airdate
1. Daria! February 17, 1999
In a musical episode, a hurricane bears down on Lawndale.
2. Through a Lens Darkly February 24, 1999
Daria is reluctantly persuaded to try to wear contact lenses, but she finds them simultaneously physically, socially, and philosophically uncomfortable.
3. The Old and the Beautiful March 3, 1999
The new spirit of "volunteerism" is mandatory at Lawndale High. While reading to senior citizens, Daria finds that her unenthusiastic tone makes her just as unpopular at the nursing home as at school.
4. Depth Takes a Holiday March 10, 1999
In this imaginary tale, Daria is approached by Cupid and the St. Patrick's Day leprechaun, who want her to help them bring the spirits of Christmas, Halloween, and Guy Fawkes Day back to Holiday Island. Cupid zaps Helen and Jake with his "love taser" to keep them out of the way, causing them to become more amorous than ever and forcing Quinn to follow them around to prevent them from what she thinks is their intent to have another child.
5. Daria Dance Party March 17, 1999
Quinn gets roped into organizing the school dance, but when her Fashion Club friends abandon her for it, she fobs the job off on Jane, whose design of the gym is so great that Quinn rushes to take credit for it. As "revenge" for choosing the dance over her ideas, Sandi organizes her own party on the same night as the dance, but it's so boring that the guys who came to it skip out and head for the dance.
6. The Lost Girls March 24, 1999
Mr. O'Neill submits one of Daria's essays to a contest in a teen magazine and she wins. Her prize (if you can call it that) is spending the day with the self-important editor of Val magazine, who spends most of her time trying to hold onto her youth and celebrity contacts and thinks Daria's writing makes her "edgy."
7. It Happened One Nut July 7, 1999
Daria's parents force her to get a job and her father finds her one at a peanut stand in the mall. Much to her chagrin, her only co-worker is Kevin. Daria is great at customer service, but the job makes her smell like nuts and requires her to smile, or else customers won't have to pay for their nuts, and she'll get the price docked from her paycheck.
8. Lane Miserables February 17, 1999
The return of the rest of the Lane family sends Jane, and then Trent, to the Morgendorffers'. But a third visitor begins to shatter Daria's illusions of life with Trent: his so-called "date" for the night. But the fact that he breaks up with the girl "every other week" (Jane's words) offers her hope again, although Trent's a deadbeat.
9. Jake of Hearts July 14, 1999
When Jake has a heart attack, his mother comes to the Morgendorffer household to look after him; Quinn is inspired to study to become a cardiologist. Meanwhile, two radio DJs broadcast their show outside Lawndale High with Principal Li's eager permission because she hopes this will raise Lawndale High School's popularity.
10 .Speedtrapped July 21, 1999
Daria finally gets her driver's license, just before Jake and Helen take off on a marital retreat. When Jane and Mystik Spyral are pulled over in some hick town and thrown into jail for their inability to pay a traffic fine during an attempted concert tour, Daria must come to the rescue with bail money from the Lane household. To further complicate things, Quinn tags along for the ride and transforms it into more of an adventure than either of them expected.
11.The Lawndale File July 28, 1999
Secret-service agents visit Lawndale High and urge students to keep an eye out for students that might be different and thus threaten their safety, as well as the safety of the country. Though Daria and Jane become suspect numbers 1 and 2, they actually notice an outbreak of weirdness among their fellow students, faculty members, and even relatives.
12.Just Add Water August 4, 1999
Daria and Jane are forced to attend a casino-night cruise fundraiser (on a low-budget ship) and figure the best use of that time would be to catch up on sleep after watching an all-night Sick, Sad World marathon. Mr. DeMartino falls victim to his gambling addiction, and the drunken captain passes out at the tiller, causing the ship to crash into a garbage barge. The passengers scramble for the life boat (only one, due to costs) which had previously come loose when Kevin and Brittany made out in it, and got marooned. In the end, everyone must jump ship.
13.Jane's Addition August 11, 1999
Daria and Jane's multimedia project for English class hits a snag when Trent, who agreed to do the music, completely slacks off. Meanwhile, Daria fears for her friendship with Jane when she falls for a guy called Tom.


  • This is the only season where Kevin Daniels voices Mack.
  • This is the last season season where Susie Lewis voices Andrea.