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These are all the Season 5 episodes of Daria.


In a shocking twist of fate, Daria is now dating Tom following her reconciliation with Jane. Now she faces the horrors of her first real relationship, as she begins her senior year at Lawndale High.



Title Original Airdate
1. Fizz Ed February 19, 2001
Despite Daria and Jane's protests, Principal Li makes a sponsorship deal with a soda company for Lawndale High that gets ridiculously out of hand.
2. Sappy Anniversary February 26, 2001
Tom seems to have forgotten his and Daria's six-month anniversary, which Quinn points out to Daria, who also had not taken note. Daria is unsure if she is upset at Tom for forgetting, or at her herself for how stereotypical she feels for being upset by it. Meanwhile, Jake is in over his head when he gets a new job for an Internet startup.
3. Fat Like Me March 5, 2001
Sandi falls down a flight of stairs and breaks her leg, then puts on a few pounds while recuperating. She is too embarrassed to return to school, forcing a Fashion Club crisis and Quinn volunteering to coach Sandi's weight-loss regimen. Daria and Jane bet each other on whether the Fashion Club will break up,
4. Camp Fear March 12, 2001
Daria and Quinn attend a reunion at their old summer camp, Camp Grizzly. Quinn looks forward to reconnecting with old acquaintances, but Daria has nothing but bad memories of the place and her fellow campers. Meanwhile, Trent is thinking of breaking up Mystik Spyral because the band is "getting stale," but is inspired to keep it going after he and Jane visit a nearby rustic couple's home.
5. The Story of D March 19, 2001
Daria submits a short story for publication, despite her misgivings about the tale's quality. Mr. O'Neill sees her mailing it, mentions it in class, and suddenly the news is all over school, much to Daria's chagrin. Meanwhile, the Fashion Club is inspired to perform a charitable act—hoping to buy a new mirror for the girls' restroom—they publish a newsletter answering fashion questions and giving fashion forecasts.
6. Lucky Strike March 26, 2001
When the Lawndale High faculty goes on strike, Ms. Li hires temporary replacements to keep the school running. When forced to get rid of the substitute English teacher because of his pedophilic behavior—hitting on Tiffany, who did not understand he was making advances), Ms. Li recruits as his replacement the student whose mother was responsible for getting him fired: Daria. Naturally, this embarrasses Quinn.
7. Art Burn April 2, 2001
Jane gets a job making replicas of established paintings, but grows to feel that this interferes with her artistic creativity.
8. One J at a Time May 21, 2001
Quinn decides she needs a steady boyfriend, Jake attempts to catch a squirrel that has been getting into the garbage, and Daria is afraid to act on her mother's suggestion of inviting Tom over for dinner because she is unsure how he will react to her family, especially Jake.
9. Life in the Past Lane May 28, 2001
Jane meets and begins dating a guy named Nathan, who is into retro fashion, and seeing them have fun causes Daria to wonder if she and Tom have fallen into a rut. Unfortunately for Jane, Nathan is too obsessed with retro topics and criticizes Jane over small wardrobe anachronisms. Meanwhile, Upchuck's prowess with magic and sleight-of-hand intrigues Fashion Club-member Stacy, who assists him in a magic show at school.
10. Aunt Nauseam June 4, 2001
When Daria's Aunt Rita visits, having guilted Helen Morgendorfer to represent Rita's daughter Erin in a prospective divorce, the two sisters dredge up old grudges. While Jake goes into hiding, Daria calls in Aunt Amy to referee, but Amy gets sucked into the fight, leaving Daria and Quinn to do damage control. The three adult sisters' last name, Barksdale, is given, and Amy notes she lives a few hours away by car.
11. Prize Fighters June 11, 2001
Daria reluctantly competes for a major software company's academic scholarship, but finds both the company and the idea of being tutored for the finalist interview to be ethically problematic. In addition, she finds herself competing against two other Lawndale students: Jodie and Upchuck.
12. My Night at Daria's June 18, 2001
Each having been reading for hours, Tom and Daria inadvertently fall asleep in Daria's room, spurring rumors that they are sexually active. Eventually, Daria considers having sex with Tom, but changes her mind.
13. Boxing Daria June 25, 2001
The Morgendorffers get a new refrigerator delivered after the old one conks out on them, an operation overseen by Helen (as Jake is out of town, having gotten tickets to a marketing conference at the last minute). As Daria and Quinn haul the empty box out to the front yard, the combination of Jake's absence and the empty box starts to trigger a childhood memory in Daria.

Title Original Airdate
Is It College Yet? January 21, 2002
The movie shows the characters of Daria Morgendorffer's class as they approach their high-school graduation and look toward college.