Susie Lewis is an American writer and producer who co-created the MTV animated series Daria alongside Glenn Eichler.

Personal Life & Career

Lewis attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Lewis's career began after moving to New York where she applied for an internship at MTV and then began working on Beavis and Butt-Head producing the music video segments.

She chose and edited the videos that the duo watched and oversaw the writing and recording of their comments. She and Glenn Eichler were later asked to become co-creators for a spin-off of the show called Daria, built around the eponymous character Daria Morgendorffer, who originally appeared as the intelligent, sarcastic foil for the characters Beavis and Butthead.



  • Daria came at a request for a "show for girls" from MTV executives, so it was fitting that one of the co-creators would be a woman, and that women would be a significant presence on the writing and directing teams.
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