The Daria Diaries was a book written by Anne D. Bernstein. It was the first official Daria paperback book. It was published by MTV Books and Pocket Books in January 1998. It is currently out of print.

The book is similar in layout to the 1993 Beavis and Butt-Head book This Book Sucks, most notably in its town overviews, childhood pictures, and character introduction pages.

This book is followed by The Daria Database.


Featuring the writing and illustration that has made the animated MTV sitcom a hit, the inside story of the high-school misfit Daria Morgendorffer reveals her true opinions about her parents, sister, and companions.

Back Cover

If you'd like to share a very special glimpse into the innermost hopes of a teenage girl keep moving.

But if you want to read a bunch of sarcastic stuff about jocks, airheads, poseurs, parents, psycho teachers and other facts about American high school've come to the right book.


  • A map of Lawndale (the MTV website map adds a few details to this one)
  • Information on the move from Highland
  • Part of a short story written by Daria
  • Childhood "photos"
  • Jake and Helen's "Vows of Commitment"
  • Postcards from the "Wandering Lanes"
  • A letter from Jake to his parents from Buxton Ridge Military Academy


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