Val Magazine is a vapid teen-centered magazine published by Val and shown in the episode, "The Lost Girls". The magazine is heavily centered on teen fashion, Hollywood gossip and Val herself. Especially Val herself. Non-Val related articles include topics like "What TV's Hottest Hunks Really Think About Your Blackheads". Jodie Landon implies it shows very little ethnic diversity in the people it covers and issues it touches.

Despite all the above, it's a popular magazine - and, bizarrely, Timothy O'Neill and Angela Li appear to be readers too.

O'Neill had submitted a Daria Morgendorffer essay, "My So-Called Angst", to the "Spend a Day with Val" contest. After winning the contest, Daria was to write a article for the magazine, but the offer was withdrawn after her verbal takedown of Val during her visit to Lawndale. Val later wrote a news article firing back (anonymously) at Daria.

It's a piss-take of Jane Magazine by Jane Pratt.