Vincent Lane
Birth Date {{{birth day}}}
Occupation Photographer
Portrayed by Unknown
First Episode Lane Miserables
Last Episode Art Burn
Other Appearances NONE
Episode Count 2
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Amanda Lane
Romances Amanda Lane
Children Summer Lane (Daughter)

Wind Lane (Son) Penny Lane (Daughter) Trent Lane (Son) Jane Lane (Daughter)

Vincent Lane is the patriarch of the Lane Family in Lawndale, and the father of Jane, Trent, Penny, Wind, and Summer. He is a photographer.

Vince's parenting style is, if possible, even less involved than his wife's. He is very self-absorbed (he advised Jane not to drink a bottle of silver nitrate, not because it was very toxic, but because he needed it for his prints), and he is rarely, if ever around.